A Walk on the Wild Side

I ran my hand up and down the soft, static nylon that adorned my legs. It felt so smooth against my fingertips. I only hoped that he would find it just as appealing.

My husband had been all but attentive sexually since our nuptials in the early spring that year. Up until now we had been very active sensual beings, but as the stresses of everyday life hit us hard they soon dissipated. But not tonight. Tonight I decided to take control once more. Tonight was my night, and my choice of erotic lingerie would certainly do the trick.

I had chosen each item very carefully. I took into account his taste and mine. I knew that he loved red and so did I. It flattered my pale skin tone and left me looking radiant in bed. It was the perfect colour for what I had in mind. I chose a bodice which was cut out in all the right places. The bright red tones complimented me perfectly. Now there was just one crucial ingredient, him.

I waited patiently on the bed. My garter belt held the stockings perfectly in place as my body sprawled out across the cotton sheets. That was when I finally heard him outside. The car rolled across the gravel driveway and stopped in its usual place. His heavy footsteps made their way to the front door and opened it with a click. He called out to me, but this time I did not answer. This time I would just wait until he found me. This was the ultimate naughty surprise for him, and as a result me as well. I could not wait to see his reaction, one of awe, as he laid eyes on the scene I had set out for him. I could not wait to see what he would do to me when I was presented like this for his pleasure, and mine.

He called my name over and over again. His voice got louder as he made his way closer to the bedroom. I knew that it would be the last place he would look for me. I was nestled away at the back of the house and he was on a treasure hunt, where the prize would be me. I giggled inwardly at the thought.

“Jess…” he stopped midway through my name as he finally found me moments after he had entered our joint home. I marveled at his expression, it was like none I had ever seen from him before. It was a sight I would cherish forever.

I rose from my position on the bed and put a finger to his lips. I winked and told him exactly what I wanted.

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“Don’t say anything, just do whatever you want to me.” It was an offer much too good to refuse. He felt every inch of the fabric that scarcely covered my body, taking in the sight of me dressed up so erotically for him and him alone. Seconds later it was ripped from my curvaceous frame and that was when the fun really began…

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