The secret to great romance.

If you are in a long-term relationship, or even if you have just started dating, you have probably tried to bring a little romance into the relationship.

Romance is fun and can work wonders for your relationship, so why wouldn’t you try it out? After all, everyone loves to feel wanted and romanced, and it usually wins you major brownie points.

But what happens when your play at romance falls flat? What happens when your partner I just not into it?

It can feel disheartening and leave you wondering where you went wrong.

If you have ever been in that position, then read on! We’re here to help you pinpoint your mistake (and give you come advice about what you can do next time).


  1. You Don’t Give It Thought

So, you bought her chocolates and roses and you’re not sure why it didn’t work. After all, isn’t that just classic romance? Doesn’t everyone love chocolates and roses?

Well, it’s not about what you bought your partner. It’s about the thought that you put into it. Maybe your partner loves flowers, but her favorites are tulips. If you show up with roses, she’s going to know that you didn’t listen to her. That’s not romantic at all.

The solution? Really listen to your partner. If they say they love a certain sport, or food, or event, make a note of it. Then, next time you want to plan a romantic surprise, center it around that.

There is nothing wrong with classic gifts. A silky pair of sexy panties, or a pretty piece of lingerie can be very romantic. Just make sure you pay attention to size and style preference so that you can get it right!


  1. Big Expectations

This is something that I see all the time and it is so easy to do. You work hard, get a fantastic romantic gift, and then you have an expectation about how things will go! Maybe you’re expecting your partner to be excited or happy. Maybe you’re expecting something in return.

It doesn’t matter. Don’t do things with expectations attached. You’ll be disappointed and your partner will feel pressured. There is no way this will end well, so try and avoid it at all costs.

Instead, give the gift or gesture graciously, with the intention of honoring and embracing your partners reaction. Don’t do it with an ulterior motive. For example, don’t buy silky, sexy panties in  the hopes of a fun evening. Buy them because you know she loves them, and they make her feel amazing.

If you can move forward with this in mind, you and your partner will be so much happier when planning romantic surprises!


This all seems simple right? But so easy to overlook! Romance is important and it something that you should absolutely inject in your relationship on a regular basis. Just make sure that you give it a lot of thought and that you don’t have any big expectations.

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Let things happen and I guarantee that you will feel so much better and more content because of it. Your partner will feel more relaxed and you will too.

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